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Bastanis FIREBIRD speakers are an inspiration by the new and flexible design which leaves space for your own creativity! You can easy create an individual look which matches your interior design.

Bastanis FIREBIRD speakers offer harmony to most common amplifiers and sound great in all listening- rooms.


“… Statement: The Bastanis Firebird speakers open a new perspective for music reproduction in their price-range. Nobody needs more loudspeaker: Resolution, timing, precision, dynamics, natural sound – all is there. The Bastanis Firebirds don’t act like a diva and produce a big, natural and holographic imaging. The high efficiency, the flat impedance-curve and the easy drive of the open baffle-drivers make them ideal partners for all kinds of tubed amplifiers but also good sounding solid state amps are welcome. When the electronics is on highest level the Firebirds will always mirror the qualities.
The Looks? Bastanis Firebird are what you make them!”
(Translation of Amré Ibrahim’s review for Hifistatement Netmagazine/July 2010)



firebirdThe Bastanis FIREBIRD open baffles are based on high efficient 10" crossoverless wideband-drivers and magnetostatic tweeters. This guarantees perfect, three- dimensional imaging, huge dynamics and clarity. The Bastanis FIREBIRD open baffles offer magic, "livelike" sound which is hard to find at any price-level.


firebirdBastanis FIREBIRD offer a modern natural look. The friendly rounded bamboo open baffles look much more small and interesting than a common boxed speaker-design of similar size. The wooden parts are made from raw birch plywood which is nice and ecological but they invite you to make your own individual finish by simple clear waxing or colouring. Bastanis FIREBIRD are quick- assembeled plug and play without woodwork or soldering.


1The huge 18" Bastanis FIREBIRD dipole-woofers are designed together with the open baffles for perfect harmony inbetween and much better soundquality than boxed woofers. The dipole woofer-cabinets are free from standing wave resonances, together with the big size of the 18" woofer-drivers the bass-response is fundamental and detailed. The active powered woofer-amp from XTZ Sub Amp 1 offers control, power and flexible setup for the woofers to get 100 % satisfaction with a wide range of rooms and placements.

The Bastanis FIREBIRD are versatile in look and placement but also the high but not extreme efficiency of 93 dB/1 W/1 m offers harmony with high wattage solid state amplifiers but also to flea- power tubed amps or Class "D" chipbased amp-designs.

The Bastanis FIREBIRD sound will always be fluent, detailed and dynamic, the music becomes alive!